Niels Eikelboom (1973) is a classical guitarist. After playing electric guitar for  some years, he picked up the Spanish guitar -studying with Jan Bartlema at the musicschool in Mepppel.  In 1998 he graduated from the Conservatory in Zwolle and in August 2000 from the �Messiaen Academy� in Zwolle, both in the Netherlands. He took master classes with guitarists such as Odair Assad, Pavel Steidl, Vladislav Blaha, Carlo Marchione, Aldo Lagrutta and others.

After these studies on the guitar he concentratred on the musical learning process of younger children. He studied this subject and graduated on it at the Conservatory in Amsterdam in 2003.

Eikelboom has been performing as a solo guitarist and as a member of ensembles. He has also contributed to a CD with music by the Dutch composer Pieter van der Staak. 


He has written some books - �La Magdalena� and �London-25�- which are published by �Edition Daminus� in Germany.

�La Magdalena� �.A decent publication whose contents are both historically important and great fun to play� - Paul Fowles - Classical Guitar Magazine March 2000.

�London-25� an attractive Berceuse�my particular favourite; a lyrical Irish sounding Lovesong and the baroque-inspired title piece, which sounds as if it is going to launch into a Gasper Sanz dance�there are some very nice pieces in this book� Steve Marsh � Classical Guitar Magazine March 2000.



"An Malvina" (Johann Kaspar Mertz)  recorded  October 2017, Berlin





Paradise Revisited
(Productions D'Oz 1079)

publisher: Productions d'Oz, 16 pagina's

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